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bath and mist sauna

artificial hot spring open-air bath mist sauna Shower room (for women only) Bedrock bath (women only) Washroom

Relax and refresh in the artificial hot springs and open-air baths!

The indoor bath is a Togor artificial hot spring jet bath, and the outdoor bath is a ``firefly open-air bath'' with LED lighting.
We hope you can heal the fatigue of your trip with two types of hot baths.

  • mist sauna

    High temperature mist sauna

    The bath area also features a mist sauna and a cold bath. The mist sauna is gentle on the body, but also induces sweating just as easily as a dry sauna.

  • Various brand shampoos & conditioners laundry

    Complete amenities/coin laundry

    We provide a wide variety of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, milky lotion, and more! We also provide amenities such as a 3-blade razor, toothbrushes, high-quality bath towels, high-quality face towels, and hairbrushes, so you can come empty-handed!


lounge entrance Inside the lounge powder room

Please feel free to use it for a break after taking a bath or as a work space.

In the main space, there is a 50-inch monitor where you can watch baseball games and the news. We have magazines and comics available, including the latest hits and classics. What's more, there is also a powder room available for women only.
The cafe offers complimentary drinks and alcohol, as well as breakfast curry and rice for late-night snacks.

*Lounge hours: 5:00-27:00

Free drinks and alcohol

drink server drink server Chatting with a drink in hand

Soft drinks are available all you can drink 24 hours a day. Enjoy alcoholic drinks at night.

Soft drinks include juice, tea, and coffee. Alcohol options include wine, shochu, and whiskey. Enjoy it with water, hot water, soda, or on the rocks any way you like.

*Soft drinks: 24 hours Alcohol: 17:00-24:00

Free breakfast curry and late night snack

curry Multigrain rice Miso soup Pickles Furikake Multi-grain rice in a bowl

Butter chicken curry and vegetable curry in the morning, and daily cooked rice in the evening

For breakfast, we offer curry, rice (white rice), ochazuke, furikake, etc. For dinner, we also offer rice with seasonings. We offer all-you-can-drink soups, including miso soup, 24 hours a day! We also sell light meals such as cup noodles at the front desk! Some plans do not include meals/soups.

*Breakfast (curry): 6 am - 10:00am Late-night snacks: 9:00pm - until sold out

capsule room

Inside the capsule capsule floor Facility

We use custom-made mattresses and duvets made entirely in Japan. We guarantee you a good night's sleep with our fully equipped facilities.

By concentrating all necessary equipment at the bedhead, livability is further improved!
The touch panel allows you to smoothly operate the air conditioning, lighting, light alarms, and information about the facility. In addition, the USB terminal (2A) and the outlet are permanently equipped with lightning, mini USB, and Type C charging cords.
The bedding is made entirely in Japan and was jointly developed with a high-end bedding manufacturer in Japan. The high-resilience, uneven mattress that supports the body at every point, feather pillows, and feather duvets will invite you to a comfortable sleep.

Capsule with workspace

  • In addition to regular capsule rooms, we have a dedicated space equipped with a desk and chair.

changing room

  • changing room

    Height 95cm x Width 44cm x Depth 45cm!
    Can store up to standard medium-sized suitcases!

Full range of amenities

In-house wear icon

1F, in front of the front desk

  • Luxury in-house wear & free amenities
In-house wear icon


  • detergent & fabric softener
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • toothbrush
  • Body towel
  • hairbrush
  • 3-blade razor
  • Luxury hair dryer
  • Hair styling products (many)
  • Lotion & Milky Lotion (many)
  • Luxury bath towels & luxury face towels
In-house wear icon


  • Various chargers
  • Earplug
  • headphones
In-house wear icon

Sold at the front desk

  • alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks