Anshin oyado

Anshin oyado

Good hotel with bath and sauna
All stations are within 240 seconds walking distance!

What makes Anshin Oyado so appealing

3 promises of
Anshin Oyado

"Anshin oyado" aims to be an evolved capsule hotel, pursuing "convenience" and "comfort"! We offer a new way of staying.

Promise 1

Clean and safe

The facility is kept clean at all times by cleaning staff on a 24-hour basis.

Promise 2

Safe and secure

All capsules are equipped with fire alarms and emergency call buttons, ensuring the same level of safety as a regular hotel.

Promise 3

Reasonable and safe

With over 200 free services and a location close to the station, we aim to provide a high level of satisfaction and value that exceeds the price.

6 key points for
Anshin Oyado

All stores are easily accessible, have excellent facilities and free services, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable sleep and a relaxing environment.

Point 1

All stores are close to stations and offer luggage storage

From the nearest station
Within 30 to 240 seconds walking distance

It is easily accessible to major event venues, as well as JR Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport. Please feel free to use it for business use, leisure, sightseeing, an event base, or as a bathing facility (public bath, sauna, spa). Our staff awaits you with a spirit of hospitality, aiming to be an urban oasis where our customers can feel safe and relaxed.

Point 2

It doesn't feel like a capsule hotel!

Cleanliness &
Luxurious interior

Anshin oyado was born from the ambitious idea of ​​offering the luxury of a city hotel, the relaxing atmosphere of a resort hotel, and the convenience of a business hotel, all at a very reasonable price!
You can experience the tropical Balinese resort atmosphere throughout the hotel.

Shinjuku Reception Nagoya reception

Point 3

Come empty-handed! We also offer short-term bathing plans that give you the feeling of visiting a public bath!

In artificial hot spring

First, refresh yourself in the bath! In addition to the jet bath, we also have a sauna. In addition to the standard "milk" after your bath, we also have alcoholic drinks available.
Amenities such as hair styling products are also provided free of charge! We have a wide variety of items available, so you can come empty-handed!

Shinjuku Shinjuku no Yu Kyoto Firefly open-air bath Nagoya dry sauna Ogikubo mist sauna

Point 4

This and that, we have it all!

Comprehensive free services

In the shared lounge, we also sell free drinks and light snacks. Why not take a break after your bath?
We also provide complimentary meals, from curry for breakfast to rice for a late-night snack. We also offer complimentary alcoholic drinks in the evening.
You can also use the luxury massage chair "Anma King" and the copy and printing machines freely. Earplugs, thermometers, and band-aids are also provided. You can rest assured in case of an emergency.

Ogikubo lounge Nagoya Sky Lounge Free drinks Shinjuku Luxury Massage Chair "Anma King"

Point 5

All rooms are non-smoking! Each floor has a security lock.

Simmons &
Sleep well with high-quality Japanese bedding

《Used by luxury hotels》

All capsules have been changed from 〇 to ​​□, making them 1.2 times larger than before! The industry's first custom-made Simmons bedding is extremely comfortable, allowing you to sleep soundly until the morning. Mobile phone chargers are also provided, so please rest assured.

Inside the capsule at Shinbashi Ogikubo capsule floor

《Simmons bedding》

《High-quality bedding made entirely in Japan》

Point 6

Capsule hotels offer safety and security

Reasonable prices & safety management

All guest room floors are barcode entry controlled. Due to laws and regulations, the capsules themselves cannot be locked, but Anshin oyado is the first capsule hotel to have floor lock security! We also have valuables lockers with the latest vein authentication available in front of the manned front desk 24 hours a day. We also provide fire alarms and security cameras for complete safety management.

Decisive factor 6

Membership System

You can use convenient membership services when making a reservation online and when visiting the store.

Easy online booking!

Anshin Oyado
WEB Reservation Member

You can also make reservations for member-only plans that are not displayed on the regular official website reservation page!
This membership service is recommended for repeat customers as it automatically reflects the information entered into the form when making a reservation.

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WEB Reservation Member

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Points earned at Anshin oyado and Oasis Club member stores can be exchanged for miscellaneous goods, branded items, daily necessities, etc., and you can also get a 5 yen discount 1 point at member stores such as Pasela Resorts!

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