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Bath and autoroll sauna

artificial hot spring washing place autorolly sauna Washroom

Refresh your tired body in an artificial hot spring!

The artificial hot spring contains more than 40 types of natural minerals that enhance the bathing effect, promote sweating, blood circulation, and metabolism, and are effective in improving health.
We use bath additives (Healthstone: a non-medicinal product) that are only made from bakuhanseki stone.

  • autorolly sauna

    autorolly sauna

    The METOS sauna is equipped with auto-louver that operates 1 every 10 minutes.
    It has many effects and benefits, including relieving fatigue, stiff shoulders, poor circulation, lower back pain, and rough skin!
    Please enjoy the experience while taking plenty of breaks and staying hydrated.

  • Various brand shampoos & conditioners laundry

    Complete amenities/coin laundry

    We provide a wide variety of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, milky lotion, and more! We also provide amenities such as a 3-blade razor, toothbrushes, high-quality bath towels, high-quality face towels, and hairbrushes, so you can come empty-handed!

Tenku Lounge

lounge lounge massage chair

Please feel free to use it for a break after taking a bath or as a work space.

In the main space, there is a 50-inch monitor where you can watch baseball games and the news. You can also enjoy the latest and classic comics, as well as the popular "Anma King" high-end massage chair with zero gravity reclining and face cover, all for free!
The cafe offers complimentary drinks and alcohol, as well as breakfast curry and rice for late-night snacks.

*Lounge hours: 4:00-27:00

Free drinks and alcohol

drink server drink server Chatting with a drink in hand

Over 24 kinds of soft drinks are available 24 hours a day. Enjoy alcoholic drinks in the evening.

There are over 24 types of soft drinks, including juice, tea, and coffee. There are over 20 types of alcohol, including wine, shochu, and whiskey. Please enjoy it with water, hot water, soda, or on the rocks, as you like.

*Soft drinks: 24 hours Alcohol: 17:00-24:00 (up to 5 drinks)

Free breakfast curry and late night snack

curry miso soup Furikake Multi-grain rice in a bowl

Keema and vegetable curry in the morning and daily cooked rice in the evening

White rice, ochazuke, and furikake are provided from 6 am to midnight. All kinds of soups, including miso soup, are available 24 hours a day! Cup noodles and other light snacks are available for purchase at the front desk!

*Breakfast served (curry): 7 am - 10:00am
White rice provided: 6 am - 12:00am
Late-night snacks available: 21:00 - until sold out

capsule room

Inside the capsule capsule floor Facility

We use custom-made mattresses and duvets made exclusively in Japan. We guarantee you a good night's sleep with our fully equipped facilities.

A TV, headphones, power outlet, charger, and earplugs are provided inside the capsule. Please relax in a private space.

Capsule room with 2m high ceiling

  • 2m high capsule

    A room with an open feel. There is also a large storage space at the foot where you can store a carry case, which is convenient as you can quickly put in and take out your belongings.

Capsule room with work space

  • Capsule room with work space

    In addition to the regular capsule room, this is a semi-private room equipped with a desk and chair.

changing room

  • changing room

    The locker size is 44cm wide x 95cm high x 50cm deep!
    Can store up to a standard M-size suitcase!

Full range of amenities

In-house wear icon

1F next to the front desk

  • Luxury indoor wear
  • In-house bag
In-house wear icon


  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • toothbrush
  • Body towel
  • hairbrush
  • 3-blade razor
  • Luxury hair dryer
  • Hair styling products (many)
  • Lotion & Milky Lotion (many)
  • Luxury bath towels & luxury face towels
In-house wear icon


  • Various chargers
  • Earplug
  • headphones
In-house wear icon

Sold at the front desk

  • alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks
  • Y-shirt
  • T-shirt
  • socks
  • underwear
  • In-house slippers